Today is your lucky day!!!!!!! get a vehicle here at for only $500.00 due at signing.
All you need is pay stubs, a valid Driver license and your down payment, and we will do our best to make sure that you drive in less than 30 minutes, Awesome right???

Now let me ask you a couple of questions..
1- What place gives you a 18 months, or 18,000 miles power train warranty ?
2- Helps you find a job when you lose yours?
3- Have loaners ready ?
4- The oil Change are included?
5- The inspection stickers are included?
6- A place with towing service with a 15 miles radius?
7- Will give you $200.00 per friend or referral that acquires a vehicle in
8- What place have a nice selection of vehicles in the Buy here pay here market up to 2008 ???
9- What place will let you drive a vehicle with only $500.00 due at signing?????? No hidden Fees.
10- Any doubt??? call now at 610-239-7300 ext 118 and ask for Jurie!!!!


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