is growing fast started in Norristown PA over 5 years ago and the whole meaning of the project was to try to satisfied a need in a small local area, we had a goal of serving around 2,000 customers in 5 years , reality is that we went over 13,000 customers and still growing, we incorporate a program full of benefits for our customers and our community, We are a program that you can come in with $299.99 as a down payment and you are going to drive away the same day.

I going to give you 10 reasons to choose

10 Reasons to choose
We have the best warranty in the market, 18 months or 18,000 miles power-train warranty
We have a knowledgeable staff to serve you!!
We have over 250 clean pre-owned vehicles to choose from!
We have towing service 15 miles around (Included)
Oil change and inspections stickers(Included)
Two weeks for free or $200.00 when you refer a friend (Included)
We have over 3,000 satisfied customers.
We will give you the tools to start enjoining your life! Some people feel that bad credit is some sort of “Black Cloud” that can be removed. Here at we don't accept that notion. We have a Proactive team of experts that helps each and every customer attain the credit score that they deserve.
We report your payments to the credit agencies.
After 10 referrals you don't pay anymore for the Lease (Customer is still responsible for the Residual Value of the Vehicle and the taxes at the moment of the payoff of the vehicle).


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