Some really good testimonials from

These are some really good testimonials and reviews from our customers here at

" made me feel like a king, My name is Juan de la rosa, and this is the best thing that ever happen to me, i've been walking in the snow for a couple of years, and now that i got my car with i can visit my friends and family in jersey ... Thank you Drivehere... Oraleeeeee

Juan de la Rosa, F150 Blue 2003

" When i first tough about getting a vehicle from I wasn't really sure if it was what I was looking for , But you know what it was more, I came for a car and I got i full package of benefits , I had a repo 6 months ago and Guess what???? I got a car in even if my credit wasn't that good, My name is jack and if you are looking for a car and don't have that much down payment or great credit, this is the place"

Jack.... Got an Expedition 2001 ...

" I just Got my second vehicle from and let me tell u something it was incredible, it was awesome .... i had a 1999 2 doors vehicle and i just got a 2004 nice looking Suzuki and I'm very Happy with a new car"


"My Experience at was highly professional. I received excellent service, i was very pleased with how easy and seamless the process was to get me into a new car. I got more than I even expected with credit information that was provided to me. I will recommend to all my friends, family and co-workers."

Erica Edwards - Pontiac Grand Am GT 2000 White ( Beautiful car )

" I think that is really doing something nice with us, I have no Credit, and this is my first vehicle, they are very professional and polite, now i'm going to be driving a 2004 Hyundai
elantra, and all i had to do was bringing my pay stub and my down payment"

Thank u guys.... Mike

" I had a repo in the past because i had a divorce, at they don't care about that, here i had a second chance, now i'm happy because I can go back to work and I don't need to take the bus anymore......... So happy!!!!!!!! "

Ms. Brown


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